Hacking your brain for peak performance (nootropics, eeg, meditation and more) with Dr Andrew Hill

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Learn how you can upgrade your brain and get more done.

Anyone can perform at a high level for a small amount of time, but how can you get into this game winning state faster and stay there for longer?

Dr. Andrew Hill joins me on todays Upgraded Ape Show and explains how cognitive fatigue effects (the sense of just not wanting to focus anymore which hits a lot of us in the afternoons) us and how he upgrades peak performing executives and athletes with EEG, meditation and nootropics.

Andrew and I discuss how to quantify your baseline brain power, what you can to do to increase your mental resources and then extend the amount of time that you can focus at that level.

Guest info:

Dr. Andrew Hill has a Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA with a focus on lateralized attention in the hemispheres and EEG and Neurofeedback techniques. He is the founding director of Alternatives Behavioral Health, which includes the Alternatives Brain Institute, providing clinical QEEG brain mapping, neurofeedback services, mindfulness training, and a non 12-step substance abuse program.